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  • Silver Sable makes her #SpiderManPS4 debut in this spectacular new story trailer debuted at #SDCC2018! More detail… https://t.co/DWoQe3oYvX 19/Jul/2018 21:28:42
  • Revealed! Limited Edition 1TB PS4 Pro suits up in Amazing Red for Marvel's Spider-Man on 7th September. See the fi… https://t.co/9gK0l3aTuy 19/Jul/2018 21:06:34
  • Unexplored is a top-down, real-time dungeon crawler which comes to PS4 this summer. Get a feel for the rouge-like o… https://t.co/BzAZM03Aw5 19/Jul/2018 17:40:05
  • Enter the Gungeon gets a huge new "Advanced Gungeons & Draguns" update today, featuring better drop rates, new boss… https://t.co/UQ8566LIOj 19/Jul/2018 14:50:25
  • RT @NFL: The newest @EAMaddenNFL cover athlete is... @AB84! 🆎🙌 #Madden19 https://t.co/M8y7WiqSSL 19/Jul/2018 14:39:19
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