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  • In one week, become an outlaw for life. Preorder Red Dead Redemption 2 to start preloading now and be ready to pla… https://t.co/gzcMQqJnfJ 19/Oct/2018 09:00:01
  • PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios have some fantastic games in the pipeline for PS4. Here’s an update on the next wav… https://t.co/JmaxqtCRg7 19/Oct/2018 08:11:04
  • Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales started life as a card game. Learn how it evolved into a single player RPG from th… https://t.co/XJQ52VJLMy 19/Oct/2018 07:34:06
  • Return to the Stage of History! SoulCalibur VI slashes its way onto PS4 today. Here’s what you need to know before… https://t.co/7JZ4YmI7Yt 19/Oct/2018 07:10:05
  • Learn how a simple card game evolved into a single player RPG adventure ahead of the release of @cdprojektred’s Thr… https://t.co/oSbnlizJLy 18/Oct/2018 20:34:39
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