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  • Get ready for Rainbow Skies, a full-featured RPG with a rich battle system and a ton of extras — built by a core te… https://t.co/aFp7p6GXDT 24/May/2018 15:01:49
  • RT @PlayStation: In the third and final part of our God of War Director's Commentary, @corybarlog walks us through *THAT* sequence in God o… 24/May/2018 14:18:57
  • RT @PlayStationUK: We can assure all CYBERLIFE customers that reports of Android Deviancy are grossly exaggerated. Please see our statement… 24/May/2018 14:12:27
  • RT @DerBenxter: #GoWPhotos #GodofWar https://t.co/I3VL89RTTO 24/May/2018 13:31:28
  • RT @VideoGameShelf: @PlayStationEU #GOWPhotos https://t.co/0gUAWLCbrz 24/May/2018 13:31:23
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