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  • Days Gone may be a whole new journey, but @BendStudio has been making great games for 25 years. #DaysGone launches… https://t.co/RcH1saVyWX 22/Apr/2019 18:00:00
  • On Friday, this world comes for you. Explore and survive in The Farewell Wilderness when #DaysGone comes exclusive… https://t.co/WrXG2VARAI 22/Apr/2019 13:00:01
  • Over 20 new tracks are waiting for you to test your skills in @TrialsGames' first expansion, Sixty Six. https://t.co/VwrJDGuizL 22/Apr/2019 09:16:00
  • Iconic fashion brand @DIESEL unveils a new clothing range inspired by the upcoming PS4 adventure, #DaysGone:… https://t.co/qSozpFYU8F 21/Apr/2019 17:48:06
  • Become a gargantuan guest in a tiny world. Gorgeous #PSVR adventure #GhostGiant launched this week, and we spoke to… https://t.co/9PlA5mkIFC 21/Apr/2019 16:11:05
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